Entrepreneurial Journey Speaker Series: Alex Bandar


Let’s make mischief together!

On September 26 the Kricker Innovation Hub is hosting the Chief Mischief Maker himself, Alex Bandar, who will teach us all about thinking outside the box and using our creativity to make some mischief.

Dr. Alex Bandar is an engineer by training, and an entrepreneur by accident. After having worked ten years in the field of manufacturing software, with clients from GE to Apple to Toyota, he founded the Idea Foundry in Columbus, OH. Aside from his daily responsibilities of guiding the Idea Foundry in their mission, he also thrives in creating a community of people who love to make things and think outside the box.

The Idea Foundry began as a tool share concept when it was first founded in 2008. Since then though, the company has expanded and is now a 60,000 sq ft collaborative workshop, made up of three floors with meeting and class rooms, workshops, private offices, and a large amount of open co-working space.

The Idea Foundry’s mission is to create a space and community where people can come together and bring their wildest ideas to life, which is why numerous members, 800+ to be exact, come to the Foundry to create and launch their unique ideas. 

Alex will be at the Hub on September 26, 2019 at 5:30 pm to discuss his experience with the Idea Foundry, maker movement, innovation districts, and entrepreneurship. He can tell you himself how he went from being an engineer to the leader of one of the most active makerspaces on the planet.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Alex regarding entrepreneurship or makerspaces please ask them here.

Aside from this event, we will have three more Entrepreneurial Journey Speaker Series events this fall. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and like our Facebook page to receive updates about this event or to let us know that you plan to attend.

October: TBD 

November 14: Gaming Series 

December 5: Plastic Series 

All of the above events are free to the public and light refreshments will be provided. 

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