Introducing: AmeriCorps VISTA Brittony Collier

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela 


I am often reminded of this quote at standstills or difficult times, from being pushed by unbearable classes or an abundance of exams. This quote keeps me moving forward and educating myself both in and out of the classroom, because in order to educate and help others, I must first educate myself. 

My name is Brittony Collier and I am the new VISTA employee at the Kricker Innovation Hub. I’m also a recent graduate from Shawnee State University and earned my Bachelor’s in Natural Sciences with a concentration in Biology.

My biology courses taught me of the importance of education and enabled me to learn and see things that many individuals do not. My classmates and I watched as sea turtle hatchlings made their way to the ocean in Florida, I’ve studied plant life from Shawnee State Forest to St. Joseph’s Bay State Buffer Preserve in Florida, and I’ve had the opportunity to observe wildlife up close and personal. These experiences have shaped me and given me the appreciation for education that I have today. 

Aside from the outdoors and my classes, I also found myself spending a large portion of my time at the Clark Memorial Library during my college career, which led me to become a student employee there. The library helped me share my love of reading with others and show them how helpful research can be. My degree field and my job at the library encouraged me to pursue my Master of Library and Information Science in hopes that I could help educate others and make information more accessible to everyone, especially those who may not have had the same opportunities I did. 

It was this drive to help others that encouraged me to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA and to become more involved in the community that I grew up in through the Kricker Innovation Hub. During my year of service, I am excited to continue learning in a new setting and to explore the many ways in which I have the power to help this community grow.