Kricker Innovation Hub

The Kricker Innovation Hub is located in downtown Portsmouth, in our primary commercial district, immediately adjacent to campus. 

Shawnee State is excited to announce that this property will be renovated as result of an investment from the Economic Development Administration to showcase state-of-the-art technology including a physical delivery point for OARnet, immersive technology lab resources, contemporary project room, and coworking space. Students will use the space to work with faculty mentors, business leaders, and community members to conduct research, collaborate on business ventures, and develop team-building and leadership skills.

We are working to encourage the creation of new business in our community.


This shared campus-community facility will also serve as an outlet for: 

  • Student research, proof of concept development, and commercialization;

  • Outreach programming supplied by our university resources and existing partners, including small business development workshops, and business assistance; and,

  • Creating a culture of entrepreneurship in our community.

The physical facility will be renovated to include collaborative workspace, state-of-art video conferencing and high-speed data access, tech development maker-space, and pre-seed incubation suites.

Advisory Board

We are pleased to have a number of distinguished individuals serving on our Innovation Hub Advisory Board. 

Meet our Advisory board members.


Shawnee State’s
Economic Impact


Study shows shawnee state adds $146.4 million in income to local economy

An August 2018 economic impact study shows that Shawnee State added more than $146 million in income to the local economy in FY16-17 through a combination of institutional, student, visitor, and alumni spending. The value of Shawnee State, according to findings, is felt by all in our region.

Students, in particular, see a significant return on their investment in a college education. The average bachelor's degree completer from Shawnee State will see an increase in earnings of $29,100 each year compared to high school graduates. The present value of the higher future earnings that SSU students will receive over their working careers is $261.1 million. In other words, for every $1 a student invests in their Shawnee State degree, they receive a cumulative of $4.70 in higher future earnings — a 14.5% annual rate of return.

View the executive summary of the study, as well as a fact sheet outlining the findings. The full report may be accessed here.