Shawnee State’s
Economic Impact


Study shows shawnee state adds $146.4 million in income to local economy

An August 2018 economic impact study shows that Shawnee State added more than $146 million in income to the local economy in FY16-17 through a combination of institutional, student, visitor, and alumni spending. The value of Shawnee State, according to findings, is felt by all in our region.

Students, in particular, see a significant return on their investment in a college education. The average bachelor's degree completer from Shawnee State will see an increase in earnings of $29,100 each year compared to high school graduates. The present value of the higher future earnings that SSU students will receive over their working careers is $261.1 million. In other words, for every $1 a student invests in their Shawnee State degree, they receive a cumulative of $4.70 in higher future earnings — a 14.5% annual rate of return.

View the executive summary of the study, as well as a fact sheet outlining the findings. The full report may be accessed here.